Dazy Daye & Jeanette McGonigle

Woodstick is a dynamic music duo located on Canada's West Coast. This eclectic musical group consists of Dazy Daye (vocals and guitar) and Jeanette Mcgonigle (violin and vocals). Dazy started her musical career at the age of 16. Dazy Daye Played in many diverse venues throughout western Canada and California. Opening for Tommy Hunter and a 15 hour musical marathon (nonstop without repetition) are just some of the highlights of Dazy's extremely varied career. Jeanette Mc Gonigle started her musical education through the Royal Conservatory of music at the young age of four years old. She continued her studies as she branched out to be a session fiddle player across North America. Starting her professional career as a fiddle player at six years old. Playing under sessions with artist such as Hank Williams Junior and also competing and winning many fiddle competitions across Canada. Between these two well seasoned musicians, there are over 1000 songs in their repertoire. You won't want to miss the fantastic performance of Woodstick!




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Introducing Woodstick, a dynamic music duo hailing from Canada's West Coast! 🎵 

 Comprised of Dazy Daye on vocals and guitar, alongside Jeanette Mcgonigle on violin and vocals, this eclectic musical group is sure to captivate your senses. 🎶 
Dazy Daye embarked on her musical journey at the age of 16, gracing diverse venues across western Canada and California. From opening for Tommy Hunter to undertaking a remarkable 15-hour nonstop musical marathon (without repetition), Dazy's career boasts an array of exhilarating highlights. 🎸 

Jeanette Mcgonigle's musical education began at a tender age of four through the Royal Conservatory of Music. As she blossomed, she ventured into becoming a sought-after session fiddle player across North America. Starting her professional career at just six years old, Jeanette has performed alongside esteemed artists such as Hank Williams Junior and has claimed victory in numerous fiddle competitions throughout Canada. 🎻 
Together, these seasoned musicians boast a repertoire of over 1000 songs! 🎶 Be sure not to miss Woodstick's incredible and unforgettable performances. 

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